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Our Recommended Nantucket Restaurants

Great News: Nantucket, Massachusetts was recently voted best island in the world for food by Travel & Leisure!

From local, seasonal fare and fresh seafood to hamburgers and pizza, dining on Nantucket Island can be as adventurous or familiar as you want. All it takes is a whim and a mood for a flavor, and you’re likely to find culinary satisfaction close by. Peruse the recommended restaurant menus available for our guests and book directly through their online reservations. Due to stricter booking policies and credit card requirements during the busy Summer months by many Nantucket restaurants we may not be able to book for you as in the past.

If you have never been to Nantucket Island before, or you have not visited recently, we are happy to recommend a few of our favorite restaurants listed below, some old and some brand new. Most of these restaurants are a short walk from Seven Sea Street Inn. For a complete list of restaurants that are currently open click here or visit our new digital app for our recommendations on where to eat, play and shop.

Our Current Favorites:

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