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5 Ways to Find Happiness During Stressful Times

Welcome back friends! We hope this blog today finds you and your loved ones well. These times are sure interesting! We have a full update with our inn’s response to Covid-19 on our homepage. We’ve been doing all we can to do our part in staying safe and keeping our staff and guests safe as well. We are currently open to guests associated with essential services and are keeping our fingers crossed that normal business and leisure travel will be able to resume on May 18th on Nantucket. We miss you all! While we patiently stand by, we wanted to offer some encouragement for those who may be needing a little pick me up. Check out five different ways you can help find some happiness during stressful times.

Think ahead – We can all get so wrapped up in what is going on that life feels like it’s being lived in a negative bubble. “This too shall pass” needs to be on a sticky note on your fridge. We will get through this and there will be an end! Planning a future vacation is a perfect way to boost your mood. Pick a future weekend and book now for a trip to Nantucket to give you something to look forward to.

Perspective shift – It’s easy to focus on the negative or “glass half empty” side of things. There is always a silver lining to be found. What can you find to be grateful for rather than complain about? Sure, there are things that have really impacted our lives at the moment but doing your best to look on the bright side is a great way to find happiness during stressful times.

Don’t be an island – Living isolated during a stressful time is not a good idea. It is important to stay connected to friends and family to ward off feelings of depression and loneliness. It takes an effort to reach out and ask for help or admit that you have needs but lean on those you love the most to keep you healthy and happy.

Make room for what is important – Find the things in your life that make you stressed and exchange them for things that make you happy. Create space in your schedule for tasks or activities that energize you and lift your spirits. Are you artistic but don’t make time to create? A reader but leave no time for diving into a good book? Maybe exercise is your escape but you have left little room for it. Identify those things that bring light to your life and be diligent to make room for them!

Declutter your mind – Many of us are all about spring cleaning and decluttering our homes but sometimes we personally need help too. This involves balancing what you are spending time reading or looking at. It’s a tough one because we are all so connected to what is online but maybe it’s just that that needs a break. Social media can keep you connected and bring a laugh or two but it can also be damaging with a steady stream of negativity or false news. Just be aware of balancing the negativity with the benefits social media brings.

We hope you are all staying safe and healthy during this time. We will continue to look forward to getting back to normal. Until then, you can book your future getaway to Nantucket online. We also encourage you to take advantage of our gift certificate offer through May 17th: 25% added value for all new Gift Certificate purchases!

Before you go – click on the image below to watch a fantastic video from the Nantucket Chamber of Commerce – it will get you excited about your next trip to Nantucket!

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