Nantucket – “The Best Island in the World”

Nantucket Island has just been recognized by National Geographic as the Best Island in the World which we already knew, but official recognition is still nice. Nantucket has also just garnered recognition from Travel and Leisure magazine as having one of America’s Greatest Main Streets. And finally, The Travel Channel has recently determined that the Island offers the third best beach destination in America. We think the beaches on Nantucket are beautiful, unspoiled, offering easy and almost unlimited access for our guests, which is a very unique quality when compared to other beach resort destinations. So plan your trip to come to Nantucket today and stay with us at the Inn, for a vacation you’ll fondly remember for years to come.

2 thoughts on “Nantucket – “The Best Island in the World”

  1. Beautiful photos. National Geographic must know what they are talking about because those beches look phenomenal.
    This would be a great option for vacationers of all ages to visit.

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